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Timing & Again

“Timing” might not have the best art, but I assure you it has one of the most beautiful stories out there (and it is surely not a bitch). In facts, it is one of the best webtoons I read in recent years.

Timing circles around a group of people with supernatural gifts. A woman that can foresee a coming disaster. Another that is able to see a tragedy 10 minutes before it happens. A student that can freeze time. A man that can rewind time by 10 seconds.

 A series of mysterious high school suicides binds them as they race with deaths to unveil the truth behind.

A warning for those who love beautiful arts, the drawing might appall you. But if you can take some time to read and put outer appearance behind. I promise you this series is seriously thrilling and may invoke your curiosity till the last page. The plot is deep and can be rather mind blowing. The story is, as I said earlier, beautiful.

Its sequel, “Again” has a much improved drawing. This time, the story introduces a group people who cheated deaths, and will cheat times and again, even if it means killing innocent souls to achieve it. A man, who can always position himself in a safe spot to avoid dangers, has to protect his immigrant pregnant wife from the ferocity of the group. The story can be a tearjerker, just a heed.  

Each titles have around 30 chapters, and I gobbled them in one go. What amazes me from these series are most chapters are short but they somehow deep that it feels like so many things happen in only a few panels.

If anything, tho, the plots (of both series) can be confusing. Especially with all those time jumps and handful of characters. But I still think they, in a way, make sense. I seriously think that Kang Full, the man who penned these series, is genius. As expected from the first generation webtoon artist,

Will I read again? Yes, definitely a yes.

Horror, Mystery, Supernatural, Tragedy



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