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“Aeri’s in Wonderland”

A quick summary: Na Aeri is struggling to find jobs. Out of frustration, she signs up for a suspicious, too-good-to-be-true intern ad — only to be forced to participate in an employment game that might cost her her life.

The idea is grand, with a promising premise, but the execution is a bit meh for me. As someone who endured years in an abusive workplace, I held high hopes that this webcomic could portray the bitter truths in the cruel employment world: new employees’ high expectations met with long work hours, meager wages, unhealthy competition, lack of appreciation, unfair contracts… really, slavery in disguise.

Well, it could. Somehow. But the dialogues are off. Plots are full of holes. I know this webcomic is inspired by “Alice in Wonderland”. I don’t know, I am not even sure, but at least I can fool myself that I am actually able to make sense out of Alice’s nonsensical story. And I couldn’t with this one.

However, I managed to finish all 30+ chapters. Yay. I was curious how it would end, and it was a short read after all. So, I guess it is not all bad. It still makes an interesting read. When you are bored.

Will I read again? Umm, nope.

Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Psychological


Reading Logs · Webtoon

Find your post-apocalyptic pets at “The Willows”

In a nuclear wasteland full of dangerous beasts, Edgar and his assistant, Chloe, run a pet shop — selling normal, non-mutated animals.

But please ignore Toomics’ official summary: this shop doesn’t welcome just anyone. And they don’t accept money for payments. You have to first prove that you are worthy of taking care of these animals.

This webtoon deals with a number of customers, each of them has their own stories told in several chapters. I like Chloe’s and the last story the most.

If you love animals, and stories about post-apocalyptic world, this is your cup of tea. It’s not THAT feel good and heartwarming. But if you are not careful, you might end up weeping. But it feels too short with a few things left unrevealed. I wonder whether there will be a season two.

Will I read again? Nah. It is quite entertaining, but not that impressive. Unless there is a season two, then I might need to re-read to refresh. 

Drama, Sci-fi, Slice of Life


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Timing & Again

“Timing” might not have the best art, but I assure you it has one of the most beautiful stories out there (and it is surely not a bitch). In facts, it is one of the best webtoons I read in recent years.

Timing circles around a group of people with supernatural gifts. A woman that can foresee a coming disaster. Another that is able to see a tragedy 10 minutes before it happens. A student that can freeze time. A man that can rewind time by 10 seconds.

 A series of mysterious high school suicides binds them as they race with deaths to unveil the truth behind.

A warning for those who love beautiful arts, the drawing might appall you. But if you can take some time to read and put outer appearance behind. I promise you this series is seriously thrilling and may invoke your curiosity till the last page. The plot is deep and can be rather mind blowing. The story is, as I said earlier, beautiful.

Its sequel, “Again” has a much improved drawing. This time, the story introduces a group people who cheated deaths, and will cheat times and again, even if it means killing innocent souls to achieve it. A man, who can always position himself in a safe spot to avoid dangers, has to protect his immigrant pregnant wife from the ferocity of the group. The story can be a tearjerker, just a heed.  

Each titles have around 30 chapters, and I gobbled them in one go. What amazes me from these series are most chapters are short but they somehow deep that it feels like so many things happen in only a few panels.

If anything, tho, the plots (of both series) can be confusing. Especially with all those time jumps and handful of characters. But I still think they, in a way, make sense. I seriously think that Kang Full, the man who penned these series, is genius. As expected from the first generation webtoon artist,

Will I read again? Yes, definitely a yes.

Horror, Mystery, Supernatural, Tragedy